Jayna Marie

Within the first few minutes of working with her, you will know that Jayna Marie Bussiere is passionate about what she does. While makeup has always been a passion of hers, Jayna didnt actually decide to pursue it as a career until she had finished her third year of university in Kelowna, B.C. Fueled by the support of her family and friends, Jayna was determined to move to Vancouver and become a success. There, she enrolled at Blanche Macdonald, worked hard to build up her portfolio and hasnt looked back since! So far, her career has been fun and exciting. She’s had the opportunity to work for Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Lancome and Benefit Cosmetics. Shes worked with celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Nikki Yanofsky, done numerous photo shoots, travelled to exotic places and was recently honoured with 5 different awards for her hair and makeup achievements in the wedding industry for 2010/11. Jayna strives to find a healthy balance between professionalism, fun and creativity. She believes that being successful is based 50% on talent and 50% on personality...which is why you’ll always find her with a smile on her face. If you ask her for one piece of beauty advice, Jayna says “Don’t be afraid of trying something new...it’s only makeup, not a tattoo!!” She is Grateful for every experience she’s had up to this point and is looking forward to making more people feel great about themselves!