Faye Smith

Faye Smith Makeup & Hair began in 2007, when Faye began training in makeup, in England, UK. Faye’s teacher, Emma, saw a special talent in Faye, and after only three months of training, began hiring her as a makeup assistant on Opera Shows. Faye soon decided to further develop her skills by enrolling in the Global Makeup Program at Blanche Macdonald, in Vancouver, Canada. By the time Faye had graduated in August 2009, she was well on her way in her successful career as a freelance makeup and hair artist.

Now, in 2012, her company has grown into a network of very talented artists, who she considers to be of the same calibre as herself, in both physical skill level and work ethics. Faye says that her work is her baby, and she certainly nurtures it how a mother would nurture her child.