UBC Engagement - Featured on Once Wed

UBC Engagement - Featured on Once Wed

I absolutely loved Lisa and Ryan’s engagement shoot. A little bit romantic, and a little bit modern minimalist, what's not to love! Once reason why it turned out so great and I had so much fun doing it, was they contacted me with some inspiration of what they wanted and they were invested in working together to make their vision come to life. I always say I wish it was just me that made a photo good, but it takes good location, lighting, wardrobe, hair/make-up that cohesively match to really elevate a photo.

The first look they were interested in creating for their engagement shoot was a minimalist look. We knew we needed a plain (but interesting) background and a monochromatic colour palette throughout the shoot from location to wardrobe. We picked a white, angular art installation at UBC to shoot at. The two of them went to med school at UBC together so the location was both romantic and meaningful, as well as being perfect for their clean, monochromatic look. Lisa wore a white jumpsuit with angular lines and had her hair back which created a clean, sharp look. It was the perfect final touch to give the shoot a minimal look!

The second look Lisa and Ryan imagined was one with a more romantic and whimsical feel. Key words were, soft, pretty and natural. The beautiful Nitobe Garden and Jericho Beach, in the UBC area would be perfect! For wardrobe we picked a soft coloured and flowy dress to give that whimsical and romantic feel. For Ryan we also picked a lighter colour scheme outfit to match Lisa's. Even the poses we did had a gentler and more romantic feel. It was all these little touches and planning that someone might not even know happens, that really is the secret of bringing a shoot together!

I’m delighted that their engagement was featured on Once Wed (one of our favourite wedding blogs), which the couple actually used as inspiration for their engagement shoot. The day truly did come full circle, and it was just perfect.

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