Sophie & Evan Brockhouse Wedding

Sophie & Evan Brockhouse Wedding

We have been so busy, shooting, shooting, raising a new baby, shooting, traveling and more shooting, that we've had no time to post hardly any of the 41 weddings we did last year!

But this one was just way too sweet not to post. More accurately, the bride is way too sweet not to post. I dare you look at Sophie and not smile. She just beams happiness, love and light. So of course, her wedding had all the same feelings. It was a sunny outdoor wedding at the Brockhouse, full of drinks and lawn games. You must make your way to the bottom of blog to see the father/daughter dance. It was hilarious and having a dad that fun, really explains why Sophie is a ball of loveliness!

Big shout out to the talented Melissa Gidney who helped me shoot this wedding, as I recently gave birth to our son, London, and I wanted back-up just incase I wasn't my old energetic self.

Planner: Dream Group Productions

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