Best 9 of 2017

Best 9 of 2017

Our best 9 of 2017. This had a real impact on me and reminded me again of the power of a photograph. Between an ambitious work load, shooting in 10 countries and adjusting to the work/mom life... most of this year was quite a blur. And to be honest, maybe the one thing I remember is sitting in front of my computer with that stress feeling in my chest trying to get it all done (#realtalk).

But looking at these tiny little squares, I am instantly transported to these truly incredible moments and I remember the pure awe, joy and ‘pintch-me I can’t believe this is my life’ feeling.

1. London’s complete excitement seeing hot air ballon in Myanmar

2. Finding like-minded, live life to the fullest couples, who hired us to photograph them in Iceland & Myanmar (two bucket list places for me)

3. Exploring Bali with my family

4. Seeing one of my best friends elope on a mountain top

5. A fashion shoot in Turkey with hot air balloons at sunrise

6. A windy sunset in Venice, dancing in the streets and taking photos of London

7. Shooting an incredible wedding at one of my favourite venues, @hycroftuwcv

8. Going to Japan for blossom season to shoot engagement photos (another bucket list) and then spending our last day exploring and playing with our son

9. Having wonderful brides that are excited to climb into caves on their wedding day to get that great shot

Thanks to these photos, I remember why we work so hard and those memories of sitting in front of the computer quickly fade away. I’m just left feeling pretty grateful for such wonderful family, friends and couples who make our life full and truly exciting. Sending so much love to everyone we crossed paths with this year and wishing you all a wonderful 2018! #bestnine #greatful

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