Danielle & Liam: Cambium Barn Wedding

Danielle & Liam: Cambium Barn Wedding

This is a very special wedding, because it’s for one of my dear friends. I met Danielle when I first started out in fashion photography and needed a make-up artist. That was 10 years ago and we’ve been friends ever since….so much so she asked me to be a bridesmaid! So I was on double duty shooting and holding bouquets on this wedding!

And what a wedding it was! There were so many thoughtful details. Liam and Danielle’s dad built the wedding arbor together that they got married under. I love surprises, so I loved that Danielle pretended she wanted a photo outside under some lights (which turned out to be a great photo), just so we could sneak in Liam’s favorite musician for their first dance (look at his surprise expression)! And a first for me, was they did a Newfoundland Screech-in! This is how they welcome newcomers by kissing a cod fish and then doing a shot of run (called screech). Again, made for some fun photos! They have such a great group of friends and family, that everyone participated in the fun.

But my favouite photos are just of the two of them. Besides the fact they are both drop dead gorgeous, I just love how you can see how happy they make each other and how much they adore the other.

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