Courtney & Blair

Courtney & Blair

I love it when we do a wedding, we usually end up doing weddings for all their bridesmaids and family. It's great because we get to see everyone's like one big happy reunion. But I have to say, we've never done both twins weddings until this one. We did the first twin's wedding, Cristen, in sunny Mexico a few years ago, seen here. And this year we got to do, Courtney's wedding in tropical, Prince George. I mean in Prince George. Lol, I can't make too much fun of P.G., since that is actually where I was born!

Courtney and Blair had a super laid back camping wedding in the woods. It was all about laughs and lots of beer, good friends and family... that you could tell have spent many nights together with the previous ;) It was great to see all the familiar people from the first wedding. I even recognized a few from their same amazing dance moves at the previous wedding. Courtney, Blaire and their wedding party were so much fun to photograph...which should be evident by the million photos of them. Everyone was so easy going and I just loved the white on white bridesmaids look. Courtney and Blair made my job very easy, as you could see the love between them at all times.

Thanks again to Courtney for the surprise gifts in the car she loaned us while in Price George. So very thoughtful.

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