Published: Wedluxe Blog - J+N Romantic Engagement

Published: Wedluxe Blog - J+N Romantic Engagement

There is so much to love about this shoot! First, because I knew Junho was going to surprise Nicole at the end of the shoot with a diamond ring she was not expecting. Junho wanted to wait till the end in case she cried and ruined her make-up. If you look at the photos you will noticed that we waited till the last possible moment when there was only a hint of light left in the sky. Junho was so was adorable. Such a wonderful moment to be a part of.

We shot this moment with two different cameras; one under exposing so we could see the sunset making them a silhouette, and the second over exposing so we could see her reaction. It's neat to see the two different perspectives. Which do you prefer?

The second wonderful thing about this shoot, was the breathtaking garland swing designed by Soha from Count Down Events and executed by the equally amazing Granville Island Florist. I always love when couples are into doing something a little extra special or different for their engagement shoot. This engagement shoot reminds me of a fairytale come to life.

We were delighted it was featured on ever prestige Wedluxe blog

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