Mallory & Glen - Save the Date: 'Laundromat Love' Mini-Movie

Mallory & Glen - Save the Date: 'Laundromat Love' Mini-Movie

Over the last few years, as engagement shoots have become more and more popular, people have had to be more creative to make something truly unique. A recent trend has been the creation of ‘Save-the-Date’ shoots. Thanks to technology, it’s now easy to share video and movie-making techniques…mini- movies are the next big thing! Video has the special ability to capture a couples’ mood and emotions, making it perfect for engagement shoots and weddings.
I had an idea a while back to do a retro laundromat ‘Save the Date’ shoot. Problem was, not just any couple could pull this idea off. Then Mallory and Glen called us up. She has a classic and gorgeous feminine look and Glen, her partner in crime, has his secret ability to act. The definite chemistry between the two was perfect! Taking this idea to the next step and making it come alive could never have been possible without Duran’s ridiculous cinematography and editing skills.
Check out Mallory and Glen in Blush Wedding photography’s first “Save the Date” mini movie!

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