Alana & Ian: Granville Island Wedding

Alana & Ian: Granville Island Wedding

When looking for that special someone who meets our 'list' of qualities, we've all been warned before that, "You can't have it all." Well, if this is true, Ian is one lucky man...because he seems to have found a girl who DOES have it all. Alana is intelligent, artistic, caring, attractive AND likes the outdoors. Talk about setting the bar high for the rest of us! But if anyone deserves such a rare beauty, it is Ian. He is a mirror to Alana in every way. Being such well rounded people they had a wonderful and diverse gathering of family and friends attend their wedding at Granville Island. Their reception was at Performance Works and their ceremony was in the park right beside it, making it a nice and easy wedding for everyone. The weather was perfect, what more could they ask for!


Congratulations to both Alana & Ian and Blush Wedding Photography for the amazing photographs that document and capture such a special event. All the best for all!

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