Carolyn & Rick - Wedding: Brock House Restaurant

Carolyn & Rick - Wedding: Brock House Restaurant

I have a hunch that Mother Nature knows exactly where and when a wedding will take place. I can name countless examples of this, but one that sticks out in my mind is the wedding of Carolyn and Rick at the Brock House back in May. That morning, when I opened the curtains to my bedroom window, I could barely see outside - the rain was some of the heaviest I've seen, even in raincity Vancouver. Getting to the location a little early, the rain was still heavy! A little hailstorm even ensued. Then, 30 minutes before the first photos of the reveal, a crack in the clouds developed and the sun peeked though to have a look. The day was saved! It stopped raining from then on.

Rick and Carolyn are a truly sweet and down-to-earth couple. They are totally easy going, and we loved hanging out with their family and friends. It was a hoot to watch the tomfoolery of Rick and his siblings. And of course, Carolyn looked absolutely stunning in her gorgeous white gown.

We also enlisted the help of Aaron Chung for this wedding, a photographer that Kristy and I know very well. We've both worked with him in the past on fashion and editorial shoots. He's a truly great guy with some photographic skills to match. We think that he got some truly amazing shots. Some can be seen below...

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