Vintage Winter Love Letters: Engagement Shoot

Vintage Winter Love Letters: Engagement Shoot

We've been looking forward to Sandra and Justin's winter engagement shoot for quite sometime. I think we all pictured a fun idyllic day, with the sun shinning and white, fluffy snow lightly falling. Well, the fun part happened. However, instead to fluffy snow and sun, we had slushy rain and gray sky. But did that spoil the mood? Not for one second. Heck, me falling in a tree well didn't stop the good times. We shot as long as we could before the weather started to get the best of my camera and our frozen fingers and toes were about to fall off! (one too many 'and' )

Sandra asked for me to work my photoshop magic and "bedazzle" the photos with some of their favorite quotes. I went for a "Vintage Winter Wonderland Love Letter" theme.


Thanks Kristy for being super amazing ;) I had such a blast with you and Duran. We are so blessed to have you as a our photog! :)

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