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Sue & Farid - Wedding : Three Day Extravaganza

Sue and Farid (a very well matched duo) had a festive three-day wedding extravaganza across the lower mainland, ending on the last day at the gorgeous Swan-E-Set Resort and Country Club in Maple Ridge. Their wedding celebrated different cultures, family and most of all, love. Being a white girl from a small VERY white town, I am instantly enamored with different cultures and traditions and this wedding was bursting at the seams with both. I was almost giddy (and a little jealous) with all the beautiful outfit changes of rich fabrics and jewels adorn by both sides.

Wedding Design Studio: Great Local Wedding Vendors

For me, the details totally matter. I love décor and a wedding is about the only time {the majority of us} can justify spending the money to throw a real party with decorations beyond streamers and balloons. I know weddings are expensive so people nowadays try to DIY where they can. They say, “It’s only one day.” But I say, “It’s the only time in your life that you get to do it, so splurge and do it RIGHT!” I’m a crafter so I foolishly attempted to DIY my whole wedding. Looking back, I would have hired a wedding planner (at least for the day) and a décor company.

Mindan's Designs: Bridal Jewlery

If you’re looking for wedding jewelry or the perfect bridesmaid gift, I have two words for you: Mindan’s Designs ( Her jewelry is classic and wearable from morning until night no matter what your day entails. Your bridesmaid’s dresses might not ‘really’ be wearable again, but this jewelry definitely is! My recommendation is her classic pearl ring. I’ve been wearing it non-stop for about 6 years…and I still get compliments on it. Heck, more people complement me on her ring than they do my engagement ring!

Liewken & Jinder - Engagement Shoot: Old School

Last month we had the pleasure of shooting Liewken and Jinder’s engagement photos (yes, we are VERY behind on updating blog posts!) Liewken is actually my husband’s cousin. Now most photographers can relate that when it comes to photos for family - it’s sometimes more of "I should do this" rather than "I want to do this". This time, it wasn't the case. I’ve been looking forward to doing these engagement photos with this pair for close to a year.

Sangeeta & Didier -Four Seasons Shoot-part 1

This gorgeous and stylish couple contacted us with a great idea…to do a Four Seasons shoot! We decided to watch the weather to determine if our first shoot would be ‘Summer’ or ‘Spring.’ With clouds in the sky we decided to do a spring shoot in Gastown. However, it turned out to be the ONE day in Vancouver when we wanted it to rain and their wasn’t a drop. We can't control Mother Earth, but we always try our best to give our clients what they want, so we tested our Photoshop skills and added some rain in a couple photos for them.

Kirsten & Jamie -Save the Date- Playland Style

This couple wins the award of having the most fun in a shoot hands down! All of this despite the rain starting within the five opening minutes of the Playland photo shoot AND Kirsten spilling a blue snow cone on Jamie’s white shirt. Did any of this spoil the mood? Not for one second! We couldn’t get this couple to stop laughing for one moment. Serious photos were not on the agenda. Our initial plan was to have them (and some playful strangers) holding up their “Save the Date” signs.

Mallory & Glen - Save the Date: 'Laundromat Love' Mini-Movie

Over the last few years, as engagement shoots have become more and more popular, people have had to be more creative to make something truly unique. A recent trend has been the creation of ‘Save-the-Date’ shoots. Thanks to technology, it’s now easy to share video and movie-making techniques…mini- movies are the next big thing! Video has the special ability to capture a couples’ mood and emotions, making it perfect for engagement shoots and weddings.

Robyn & Jason-Destination Wedding: Naramata, B.C.

Robyn and Jason had their weekend get-a-way wedding right in the same place where they fell in love... Naramta, B.C. Wine country! The location was perfect, the food was delicious, and wine was even better. Friends and family from afar attended and even the sun showed up! All-in-all, it was a perfect wedding!

Sue & Farid - Engagement: Gastown/Studio Loft/Yaletown

This couple came to their engagement shoot with their game ON! Sue's hair and make-up was professionally done and they came ready with three outfit changes each! They were a photographer’s dream. The way we see it, how often do you get professional photos done? None of us are getting any younger…so why not have fun with your engagement shoot and go all out!! Granted, you have to feel like you. If you feel best in a hoodie and bedhead, then please rock up in the oldest, most comfy hoodie you have!

Karen & Allen - Engagement: Burnaby Mountain

Karen and Allen wanted blossoms for their engagement shoot. Unfortunately as we got closer to the shoot date, we witnessed more pink blossoms falling off trees. It was like a visual reminder of our engagement session's deadline! Lucky, in a moment of panic it hit us, Burnaby Mountain! Higher up = cooler temperatures = later blossom season. Sure enough, as we drove up, we noticed the blossoms were PERFECT! Just like how Karen and Allen are for each other!


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