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Sue & Farid - Engagement: Gastown/Studio Loft/Yaletown

This couple came to their engagement shoot with their game ON! Sue's hair and make-up was professionally done and they came ready with three outfit changes each! They were a photographer’s dream. The way we see it, how often do you get professional photos done? None of us are getting any younger…so why not have fun with your engagement shoot and go all out!! Granted, you have to feel like you. If you feel best in a hoodie and bedhead, then please rock up in the oldest, most comfy hoodie you have!

Karen & Allen - Engagement: Burnaby Mountain

Karen and Allen wanted blossoms for their engagement shoot. Unfortunately as we got closer to the shoot date, we witnessed more pink blossoms falling off trees. It was like a visual reminder of our engagement session's deadline! Lucky, in a moment of panic it hit us, Burnaby Mountain! Higher up = cooler temperatures = later blossom season. Sure enough, as we drove up, we noticed the blossoms were PERFECT! Just like how Karen and Allen are for each other!

Anna & Daryl - Wedding

I've known Anna for over 15 years now, ever since the days of Boyz II Men and high school band. I do not know a more friendly and bubbly personality, and so when I met Daryl for the first time, I was ecstatic for Anna. Daryl is as solid as solid can be. A great guy, easy-going, and a perfect match of a man for Anna's persona. And what do you get when you combine these two happy and fun people? A utterly great wedding, that's what.

Antonio & Angie's Engagement Photos

We had a mission: find cherry blossoms. Antonio and Angie helped us brainstorm places to shoot, but in the end, we and the very sweet couple settled on Steveston. Any why not? You have cute shops, a lovely beach, a gorgeous walkway, and a some fantastic heritage buildings lining the shore. Oh yeah, and the cherry blossoms? Unadulterated and in full bloom. It helped that they lived in Richmond too!

We strolled, we photographed, and we had a great time. They fit very nicely in each other's arms... we cannot wait for the wedding in July!

Melissa and Karel-Maternity Shoot

Karel and Melissa are a lovely, down-to-earth couple, well traveled, and always the ‘life’ at any party. They are friends of my husband and I had the pleasure of getting to know them while we all taught in Taiwan together many years ago. Well actually, Melissa and I taught, Karel was a student advisor who for some reason could never be found in his office when it happened to be a good surf day :)

Lisa & Wyatt -West Coast Wedding

Lisa and Jeff flew in from Singapore to have a West Coast Wedding. This couple is the whole package. Not only are they ridiculously beautiful on the outside, they’re even more attractive and super sweet on the inside…and when you're with them, it’s quite easy to see all the love that they have for each other.

Happy Valentine's Day -Puppy Love

At Blush Wedding Photography, we believe that love knows no gender, race, color...or even species?! We just LOVE celebrating LOVE: newlywed love, 25th anniversary love, best friend love, mother-daughter love, or PUPPY LOVE. We love photographing it all! You don’t need to have a new ring on your finger to celebrate your love with photos!

Wish you all lots of love today and EVERYDAY from Blush Wedding Photography.

"Save the Date" - Kristy & Ken

This is a very special “Save the Date” post, featuring the legendary co-CEO of Blush Wedding Photography, Kristy and her lovely husband, Ken.

Erin and Rob's Queen Elizabeth Park Wedding

After weeks of rain and hunting for umbrellas, the clouds parted and it was a picture perfect day for Erin and Rob’s intimate outdoor wedding ceremony at Queen Elizabeth Park. We started their photo session at the top of the hill and meandered our way through the park -stopping to climb a tree or two- till we got to the bottom. There in the center of the park was a small gathering of their closest family members waiting to watch this couple say, “I do.” It was one walk in the park I think they’ll never forget.

We're Published in Real Weddings!

Check out the latest issue of the Real Weddings magazine, in stands now. We've been published in the Marry Me directory! Thanks to Jack and Anna for being such wonderful models in our magazine submission!


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