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We are all about living life to the fullest and turning our dreams (and others) into reality. Here is a little bit of that in action! Follow your dreams and get photos taken in one of these beautiful spots. They could be engagement, anniversary, birthday, elopement...just because! And an added treat, we will be traveling with Life Studios Inc that can turn your experience into a video so you'll remember every moment!

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Sarah & Jade Winter Whistler Wedding: Nita Lake Lodge

Sarah & Jade are two fun loving Aussies living in Whistler. They wanted a fun wedding that capture the beauty of this winter wonderland... and that's exactly what they got! They had a magical ceremony in the woods (it even started to snow), followed by an epic photoshoot. We climbed down hills, we climbed up hills, we snuck into areas we weren't suppose to be in, we fell into snow wells and scarred our legs...oh wait, that last one was just me. The day was just perfect, they even got a sunset!

Published: Real Weddings Magazine J+P Wedding

There was so much to love about Jessica & Phil’s wedding. First, of course, their stunning attire. That Berta dress literally took my breath away when I first saw it (and it still does). And Phil’s maroon suite with the cute detail of the one purple flower in Jessica’s bouquet to match it. While we are talking about flowers…OMG, I just adored the creative flowers at their ceremony and reception. Slow-clap to Filosophi and Our Little Flower Factory for transforming the Vancouver Convention Centre. It magically had this light and airy feeling of an outdoor garden party.

BC Living's the Social List: BC Best Digital Influences

Wow, we won!! BCLiving 's the Social List: BC Best Digital Influences in Wedding and Floral category.

Thank you for everyone that voted for us! We feel so lucky to have such a wonderful community around us. And BIG thank you to whomever nominated us!? Supposedly there were over a thousand nominations, so we're very honoured to have made the list and WON in the Wedding and Floral Category!

Big shout out to all the winners and finalists. xox

Truvelle 2017 Lookbook

Courtney & Blair

I love it when we do a wedding, we usually end up doing weddings for all their bridesmaids and family. It's great because we get to see everyone's like one big happy reunion. But I have to say, we've never done both twins weddings until this one. We did the first twin's wedding, Cristen, in sunny Mexico a few years ago, seen here. And this year we got to do, Courtney's wedding in tropical, Prince George. I mean in Prince George.

Nat & Matt Helicopter Engagement

Matt & Nat love hiking and the outdoors, so a helicopter engagement shoot was a perfect idea for them. It always feels so special on these mountain tops, going to these little spots on earth that you know many people haven't seen. The silence and beauty gets me every time.

I had so much fun with these two. They are such lovely people and were up for anything...especially a good adventure.

J + W Thailand Wedding feat. on Grey Likes

This wedding was so much fun from beginning to end and really makes me love our couples. As you scroll through the photos you learn so much about these two. At first glance there is no denying, this is one good looking couple. But there is so much more... You see they are such lovely people who are easy to laugh and smile. So off course they had many friends and family fly across the world for their wedding.

Sunday Morning feat. on Belle Lumiere

I always love trying to do something with different with each couple that should who they really are. Chatting with Lauren, she told me that one way she shows her love is by cooking for Edgar. She then went on to say that their home is so important to them that this is where Edgar proposed to her. It soon became evident that a home engagement session would be perfect to capture their love.


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